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Did you pause and ask “Umm… What’s a pergola?” A pergola is an “outdoor garden feature forming a shaded area” It has been around since ancient times . Egyptians used pergolas to house figs and grapes while the Romans have adapted the practice of growing vines for wine...

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Outdoor Deck Design Ideas

Backyard decking delivers a fresh and stylish finish to your outdoor area, adding warmth, visual interest and a holiday-like ambience to your home. When you know you’re after a deck and have considered our composite decking you’ll also want to give thought to the...

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The Best Flooring For Your Family

Flooring Choosing the perfect flooring can be a challenge; after all, there are so many different types and styles to decide on! And some will be better suited to your home than others. The first thing to do is ask yourself some questions about your home, your family,...

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Protect Your Composite Decks

Tips for Keeping Your Deck Looking New Throughout the Year A composite deck is more than just an extension of your living space. It’s the entryway into your home where long and joyful hours are spent with friends and family. For that reason, your deck should be in...

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