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We have just released our technological masterpiece in vinyl flooring.

Our new range of vinyl flooring called “Synthetic Core” (SPC), the core is manufactured using a calcium carbonate stone powder and plastic composite beads, making our core more rigid therefore allowing for a better performing vinyl floor tile.

“Synthetic Core” (SPC) flooring is far superior to the traditional luxury vinyl flooring tiles in all aspects, it outperforms on every criterium due to the “Synthetic Core” (SPC), it is totally waterproof, there is no expansion and contraction and due to the state of the art core it is far more stable under temperatures of over 60 degrees.


Vertical Click joint system, which means no glue is required to install

  • Environmental protection
  • Sound absorption
  • Waterproof, anti-corrosion, long lifetime, anti-slip
  • Easy install and maintain, reduces the cost of labor force, economic choose    for residential and commercial
  • Eco-friendly, produced from recycled materials
  • Environmentally sustainable construction with extruded waterproof core
  • Virgin vinyl, the composite core is constructed of virgin vinyl
  • NO swelling when exposed to water
  • Durable, will not expand or contract, very stable

We are specialist suppliers of Vinyl Flooring and have the perfect floor for every lifestyle both home and corporate.

We have quality installers who are ready to transform your home into a elite living space which portrays your unique character and lifestyle.

Our floors are delivered and installed with careful consideration to the needs of the customer and an inflexible standard of quality.

We maintain these standards and always look to improve on them. We are a dynamic young business that is very quickly becoming the preferred solution for anybody that wants timeless quality.

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